Scored CV

Unique approach to objectively measuring the project experience of people involving quantitative and qualitative assessment and undertaken.

Provek’s Scored CV has been undertaken by over 1000 project managers.  The Scored CV assesses quantitatively and qualitatively the programme and project management experience of an individual. 

Completed online, and manually evaluated by a consultant, the specific role and achievements of programme and project managers together with the level of complexity of the programmes or projects they worked on are evaluated and scored. 

Features of the Scored CV

  • Benchmarked to industry norms and the IPMA Levels A to D
  • Secure access anytime via a web browser
  • Takes approximately 20 minutes to complete
  • Each CV is marked personally by a consultant

Recent applications

  • Benchmarking project managers
  • Determining training needs

How it works

The Scored CV requests the role, achievements and complexity of three programmes or projects that the project professional has worked on.  In addition, a summary of their project career history is obtained as well as their views on their own key skills. 

For each programme or project presented, eleven dimensions are requested (e.g. budget, team size, team complexity, overall risk) as well as a description of the objectives and their achievements.  For each IPMA levels A to D, Provek has specified the expected level of each of these dimensions which are used as a guide by a consultant to arrive at an IPMA Level for the Structured CV having read the free form responses given by the candidate.


Further information and trial

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