Tailored assessments

Do you need an online skills assessment or an assessment centre that is tailored to you?  Provek can tailor an existing assessment or start from scratch and have done so many times.

Online assessments

We have an extensive online skills assessment infrastructure and expertise in tailoring existing assessments or creating brand new assessments.  Three current online assessments illustrate our expertise.

APM Role Profiler

Provek was commissioned by the APM to create and run a brand new assessment based on the APM Competence Framework and 9 role profiles.  This assessment delivers a personalised one page report to the user and is launched from the APM website.

Tailored PMA6

A major international engineering consulting firm commissioned Provek to provide a tailored assessment to 1,000 project staff.  Additional job role and demographic questions were included and a highly tailored report developed with role specific benchmarks and next steps development priorities.

Change Management Assessment

In response to a client request, Provek created an online skills assessment for change management.  Using the structure of our leading project management assessment, PMA6, and working with leading experts, a competence framework was created and knowledge questions written.  A four page report was developed to provide personalised feedback.

Assessment Centres

Provek has created one-day project and programme management assessment centres from scratch.  Starting with the competences to be assessed, structured written and group exercises are generated.  Using a proven marking scheme and existing benchmarks, Provek is able to give candidates an overall grading on the IPMA Level A to D scale (including half grades e.g. B/C).  Each candidate also receives a report giving the evidence observed and areas for development against each competence.

For further information

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Assessment success stories

Read more about the success stories of Provek's clients across a range of assessment led assignments to understand more about how your organisation could benefit from our unique techniques.  More details ...

Which assessment techniques?

Provek has extensive experience of matching its comprehensive range of project management assessment to the assessment need of clients. Learn what is right for you.