August 2015: The APM IC Passometer

Provek has recently developed an APM IC Passometer app to help you whilst studying for your APM IC: The APM Project Fundamentals Qualification.

The app has 60 questions grouped into the twelve units of the Provek course. The app is free to use and downloadable.

It can be used on a PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad or Android device. It is also able to work offline so you do not need to be connected to the internet.



With a simple user interface and passometer gage it is easy to keep track of your progress whilst studying.

This app has been tried and tested on a group of delegates on a recent APM IC training course and was very successful. The delegates agreed not only was it useful, but that it added a fun edge to the training course. They all achieved a high pass mark in the examination.




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APM Introductory Certificate

APM IC exam readiness assessment

Are you ready to take the APM Introductory Certificate exam?  Why not use Provek's online assessment to see how you might do in the real exam.  To find out more about the APM IC assessment tool contact Erica Gassor on 01635 524610.