APM courses

Provek is an APM accredited training provider for delivering APM based courses.

Select from a range of learning formats including full classroom, blended learning and full distance learning. The PM Channel is used to provide unique, engaging and structured video-based learning resources for the self-study aspects of all the learning formats,  backed up by Provek’s Remote Expert Support via email and telephone as required.

For the full distance learning solutions, you can choose to attend an open APM exam sitting or a Provek exam sitting at a location and date to best suit your needs

Choose from our wide range of open public courses or in-house single client courses available for developing you or your project and programme staff. For in-house delivery, most courses can also be tailored to a client’s specific needs.

All courses below include the relevant APM examination unless otherwise indicated. Successfully completing an APM examination enables the individual to achieve an internationally recognised qualification. 

APM Project Fundamentals Qualification

2-day classroom course (includes exam fees) £600 + VAT
Self study on The PM Channel (excludes exam fees) £49 + VAT

APM Project Management Qualification

5-day classroom course (includes exam fees) £1,470 + VAT
6-day modular classroom course In-house only
Self study on The PM Channel (excludes exam fees) £149 + VAT
Blended APM PMQ (includes exam fees) £995 + VAT
1-day preparation workshop In-house only

APM Practitioner Qualification

2-day assessment event (includes exam fees) £1,920 + VAT
1-day preparation workshop £275 + VAT

APM Registered Project Professional Workshop

1-day  workshop £275 + VAT
0.5 day Stage 1 and Stage 2 preparation workshops In-house only

APM Risk - Level 1

2-day classroom course (includes exam fees) £785 + VAT
Self study on The PM Channel (excludes exam fees) £149 + VAT

APM Risk - Level 2

2-day classroom course  (including exam fees) In-house only


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APM PFQ explained

APM Introductory Certificate

APM PMQ explained

APMP explained

APM Practitioner Qualification explained

APM PQ explained

APM Registered Project Professional explained

APM RPP Explained