APM Practitioner Qualification (PQ)

This assessment event is designed to provide the individual with an international qualification that recognises their competence and capability in project management. Self-study development pack, one to one coaching and preparation workshops available

The Practitioner Qualification is an International Project Managers Association (IPMA) Level C qualification and assesses capability, i.e. the appropriate application of those knowledge areas as defined by the APM Body of Knowledge.

This Qualification is the only project management qualification in the UK that actually assesses the capability of a project manager.

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Who should attend:

Project managers interested in gaining a recognised qualification of their project management capability. Also managers who have had experience in responsible leadership functions on projects, or perhaps as a team leader of a significant part of a larger project.

Duration: 2 days of continuous assessment commences lunchtime on day 1 and finishes lunchtime on day 3. Due to the intensity of the assessment it is strongly recommended for candidates to be residential as there will be evening work required.

Day 1:  12 noon to 7.30 p.m. 

Day 2:  8.15 a.m. to 7.30 p.m. 

Day 3:  8.15 a.m. to 12.30 p.m.

Examination: Continuous assessment involving mix of written examinations, observed group work and an interview involving a presentation. Candidates are assessed against 30 pre-declared criteria relevant to managing a non-complex project.
Venues and dates:

Reading Best Western for public scheduled courses.

2017: Dec 4-6          

2018: Feb 26-28, Jun 26-28, Nov 6-8

For in-house single client courses this event is held at the client selected venue.

Further venues and dates:

Cumbria:  Nov 22-24 2017

Price: £1,920 + VAT per delegate inclusive of lunch, refreshments and exam fees.

For in-house courses, which can be tailored if required, contact Provek to discuss price, dates and venue.

Course style: Individual work – candidates will provide written answers in examination conditions to questions based upon the given case study. 
Group work (observed) – candidates will carry out group exercises in order to discuss and solve problems relating to the case study.
Interviews – all candidates will be interviewed on an individual basis.
Pre-requisites: Candidates must satisfy one of the following criteria for project management knowledge, either having passed the APMP/PMQ qualification or an equivalent qualification.  It is likely, but not essential, that suitable candidates will have 3-5 years experience in responsible leadership functions of non-complex projects. Candidates will be required to complete Provek’s PMA6 online assessment, which will indicate readiness and suitability to attend this APM Practitioner Qualification event, as well highlighting developmental areas.
Pre-course study: It is recommended to refresh your knowledge of project management best-practice for example through review of materials from previous training courses attended or APM’s Body of Knowledge book.
Course content: Click here to see full course brochure for this event.


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APM Practitioner Qualification (PQ)

Features of a Provek PQ

  • Accredited Provider of more than 30 PQ events
  • Three highly experienced approved PQ Assessors employed by Provek
  • Unique online PMA6 assessment to indicate PQ readiness and suitability, as well as highlighting developmental areas
  • Dependable and novel approach to capturing evidence during PQ sessions in a comprehensive and structured manner
  • Well proven range of preparation services to ensure candidates demonstrate their true capability during the event
  • Self-study development pack, one to one coaching and preparation workshops available

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