We understand the project management capability issues that your organisation is facing and have a range of proven solutions.

The problems

Are any of these issues familiar in your organisation?

  • The project managers aren’t able to get the traction we hoped
  • The delivery function still has problems
  • Our pre/post-delivery margin is still out of line
  • Governance is still over bureaucratic
  • We are still missing our delivery dates
  • Quality of deliverables and outcomes have not improved as we had expected

Our solutions 

We provide solutions to our clients in three principal areas.


We can formally assess the people and organisation within the delivery or programme and project management functions, the output being recommendations for improvement.

Improvement programme

Our expert consultants can facilitate an entire improvement programme using Provek’s proven consultancy approach. 

Interim consultants

We can provide experienced interim consultants to support delivery or recovery of major programme and projects.


For further information

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