Role definitions

The following eleven definitions for programme and project management roles are taken from Provek's competence framework.

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Role title Description
Project team member Works in a project team undertaking the technical work
Work-package manager Leads a section working on a defined part of a project
Programme or project administrator Provides a range of general administrative support and assistance to a programme or a project
Project planner
Establishes and maintains detailed and comprehensive project work plans for a large complex project
Project coordinator or controller Assists a project manager in managing a large project by undertaking planning, communications, reporting and controlling activities
Junior project manager
Manages non-complex projects with few external interfaces and leads many of the project team members directly
Project manager Manages projects involving external suppliers and other organizational divisions through other managers and project team members
Senior project manager Delivers through other managers large or complex projects end to end involving several organizations and multiple disciplines, interfaces and suppliers
Programme manager
Manages a strategically important programme through a number of interrelated large projects and has responsibility for planning the benefits realization
Programme or project office manager Leads a support office team providing a range of planning and reporting services and implementing consistent best practice across large projects or strategic programmes
Sponsor Owns the success of the programme or project, provides leadership and ensures that it delivers value

Download full competence framework

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