Here are some quotes from Provek clients who have spontaneously emailed us after events.

"The course went well this week, ad hoc feedback has again been extremely positive and Greg’s delivery has been exceptional and the organisation has been absolutely brilliant on both occasions.  I am extremely happy to be working with Provek again!"

Ian Stendhurst, Project Portfolio Manager, Oct 2017

"Neil, just received notification that my Registered Project Professional assessment has been successful.  Many thanks for your guidance through the process, it was excellent with superb"

Paul McLees, Project Manager, Jul 2017

"Neil, I've just received a fancy badge and certificate recognising me as a Registered Project Professional. Should be on the register soon. Once again, many thanks, couldn't have done it without you!" 

John Madin, Project Manager, Jul 2017

"Neil, yesterday the APM awarded me RPP. Thank you so much for your insightful course and timely advice. I know I would not have been able to reach the required standard without your help. I wish you and your company all the best for the future." 

Phil Macey, Project Manager, July 2017

"Neil, I've been meaning to email you for a week or so but keep forgetting to let you know that I passed my RPP.  Really pleased, and also really appreciative of your guidance throughout. Thank you." 

Daniel O'Donnell, Project Manager, June 2017

"I passed this exam.  I would not have achieved this had it not been for  the excellent training provided by the Provek trainer, Mike I think.  I thanked Mike and provided positive feedback via the form after the exam.  Now that all the hard work (mine, and Mike’s in delivering the training so well) has paid off, please extend my heartfelt thanks to Mike for me again.
I will be recommending Provek, specifically Mike, to others." 

Matthew, Principal Consultant, Apr 2017


"Hi Mike, I just wanted to let you know that even though I only answered 7 out of 10 questions - I PASSED!  I wouldn't have been able to do it without your teaching. I really thought I had failed only because of my time management. However it appears that I really know my stuff and I have you to thank for that, next stop is my APM risk level 1 which I'll be booking through Provek for the summer!"

Christina, Apr 2017 

"We received our APMP results yesterday;   We are both very chuffed with those results! A massive thank you [Greg] for the excellent course and all your support during the week.  We couldn’t have done it without you! Thanks again and look forwards to catching up soon."

Sarah, Lead Development Manager, Jan 2017

"Greg [Montgomery] - I am confident that I speak on behalf of all the delegates in saying that the course was structured in an effective way, covering a great deal of valuable material, which will increase the confidence of those nominated delegates in dealing with forthcoming projects in a more polished and effective manner. I feel that your delivery was well suited to our company culture, so thumbs up from me."

Gavin, Learning Specialist, Nov 2016

"Mike Warren from Provek was a fantastic Facilitator. He was approachable, practical, very knowledgeable, helpful, encouraging and supportive. The course material and the PM Channel provided by Provek was excellent.  I thoroughly enjoyed it and learned a great deal..”

Sefa, Development Manager, August 2016

"The whole way we have worked together has been amazing"

Jayne, Programme Management Office - Operations, July 2016

"The Scored CV and PMA6 made our recruitment so easy because it gave a benchmark that everyone had to meet and weeded out candidates"

Kim, Project Management Practice Lead, June 2016

"Thanks George, you have been really helpful. Here’s a gold star from me for your excellent customer service, please share this with your manager" 


Andrew, Project Manager, May 2016

 "I passed and almost enjoyed the test in the end, although may not be so happy when the actual marks come through....Would you mind passing on how good your tutorials and slides were [on The PM Channel] too please?  They were really helpful"

Jill, University staff member, May 2016

"I have just attended the Planning & Estimating course with Mike Warren who was great. I found it a very informative session and feel that it has really improved my knowledge of Planning & Estimating - I would highly recommend this course to anyone"

Benjamin, Trainee Project Controller, February 2016

 "Mike [Warren] was clearly very knowledgeable as well as being engaging and provided a good mix of content to ensure interest was kept"

Dan, February 2016

"Rebecca McIntyre has been absolutely brilliant in helping me with any queries I have had, I am very appreciative of the support she has provided"

Ben, January 2016

"Just wanted to let you know that today I have received my RPP certification from the APM. Many thanks for your guidance and support, which was key to my success in this endeavour. I will give you a call sometime next week to personally express my gratitude"

Ashish, Management Professional, November 2015


"Thank you for your help on the Provek APM PQ pre-assessment day at the beginning of October. I am pleased (and relieved) to advise that I passed the APM PQ assessment I took earlier this month. I know that the day with you [Mike Warren] was a significant input in enabling me to attain that result, so again thank you"

Chris, Engineering Manager, November 2015

"You guys have been fantastic, my favourite training providers!  Erica [Gassor] thanks so much... you've been such fun to work with. Rebecca [McIntyre] - what can I say an absolute pleasure to work with. I’ve yet to meet someone with your work ethic and professionalism... you're amazing!"

Leigh, L&D Executive, July 2015

"My colleague told me of the excellent results of the APMP course. I am sure without your support and flexibility that you gave us we wouldn't have such a high pass rate. I just wanted to say thank you so much for this. It has been really appreciated"

Carole, Ops and Engineering Design, July 2015

"Thank you Andrew. The PM channel is terrific and I have been encouraging people to use it as a means of showing people what's out there and what you can offer to us"

Melanie, Collaboration & Transformation Manager, May 2015

"Could you pass my heartfelt thanks on to Mike Warren please, he is an excellent tutor and a genuinely nice guy" 

 Martin, Logistics Operations Manager, April 2015

"Thank you Neil [Mooney]. I find your teaching style very effective, you praise all answers, right or wrong, and try to lead the wrong ones in the right direct. This made me feel far more confident ... So thank you, and keep it up

Ragen, Project Manager, February 2015


"Thanks for your assistance with APMP course. It was very intensive yet very informative course.  Andrew Delo from Provek was knowledgeable and really helped me understand various topics in short duration"

Prashanth, Project Manager, February 2015

"May I take the opportunity to just say a big thank you to you both for your time and dedication in helping to steer not only myself, but the whole team towards a brighter future. It is quite evident, that we all now have a clearer direction and closer bonding through our journey together"

Ivan, Operations Project Manager, November 2014

"Hi Mike [Warren], Thanks a lot for the wonderful PRINCE2 sessions. It was great learning time & your guidance gave me a lot many new perspectives which I look forward to apply at work from now"

Sam, Assistant Consultant, November 2014

"I received confirmation of my RPP [pass] yesterday. Thanks for all you support and input the PM channel videos were well worth viewing"

Chris, Senior Project Manager, October 2014 

"But then as you suggested I studied on my own and also took subscription for the PM channel and watched all the online classes.  I worked really hard and my efforts paid off...I am soo happy....now i can look forward to doing the next certification! Thanks for all your efforts and support"

Sapna, Project Manager, June 2014

"Thank you for last week. I have to say that although it was a very intense course, its the best course I've been on. Having been with [client] for 13yrs, it's also the best investment I think [client] has ever made. Long may the association between [client] and Provek continue"

Jon, Project Manager, January 2014