Oxfordshire County Council - Tailored PRINCE2® based training

Design and delivery of project management training tailored to the Council’s own project management method.

The Challenge

Oxfordshire County Council required support firstly to review their own project management PRINCE2-based method and then secondly to design and deliver tailored training for their staff in the use of this method.

The Solution

Provek reviewed the Council’s project management method and provided advice as to recommended improvements based upon Provek’s deep knowledge of both PRINCE2 and of our hands-on practical project management experience.  Provek then designed and developed project management training courses based on the Council’s method. This comprised a 1-day course for project team members and a 2-day course for project managers.

The course design incorporated a number of Council specific considerations such as its comprehensive equality policy and other policies and rules regarding style and language appropriate for the Council, as well as ensuring that the training promoted behaviours in line with the Council’s culture, values, policies and practice. 

Provek has been delivering project management training to Oxfordshire for almost three years, and has also recently designed a new tailored 3-day programme management training course for the Council’s programme management community.

The Benefits

Over 150 Council staff trained since 2006 are now deploying their knowledge gained from project management training on to Council projects. Project managers have confirmed that the training is introducing increased rigour and disciplines in to project delivery from start to finish, which is making a real difference.

The quotes from two council project managers below typify the general reaction to the training:

“I now know the processes I need to go through to setup and run a project. This will bring the necessary rigour to my work.”

“I now know more of what is required within the Council’s Project Management Framework and how to implement it.”

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