Triumph Motorcycles - PM framework and bespoke training

A highly consultative engagement to develop the Triumph Project Management Framework (TPMF) and to roll-out and support its adoption by sponsors, project managers and project teams.

The Challenge

There was a requirement for multi-level project management training tailored and targeted to Triumph but based on best-practice. This was to support a need for increased project management capabilities and skills within Triumph and part of an overall business transformation programme. In support of this, there was also a need for specialist support in establishing an appropriate level of project management processes and governance.

The Solution

A two-stage solution was implemented.  In the first stage, initial understand and plan activities including sponsor workshop, 1:1 stakeholder meetings, PMA5 online project management assessments, and review of existing process documentation.  This enabled recommendations to be identified and a road map for Triumph PM capability development created.

Further elements included develop the project management process and governance which was encapsulated within a Triumph Project Management Framework document.  Stage 2 also focused on bespoke four-day training for core project managers as well as training courses for the wiser project teams.  Support was also given to reviewing key documents produced by project sponsors and project managers in delivering their projects using the TPMF. Additional focus in TPMF training has also been placed on the importance of the right behaviours displayed by senior managers and project managers alongside deployment of the processes in order to maximise and sustain the benefits from this project.  

The Benefits

New projects have robust processes and governance around them.  Senior management understand better their roles and support the TPMF and project managers have improved project management skills.