Waitrose - Multi-technique assessment of programme and project managers

A rigorous design and deployment of multiple assessment techniques for programme and project managers provided benchmarked data for organisational and individual development.

The Challenge

Waitrose has an impressive portfolio of IT enabled business transformation programmes and projects.  A rigorous review of the capacity and capability of project management within the IT and finance departments was instigated to support the future development of the function.

The Solution

Provek was engaged to design, communicate and deployed a multiple assessment technique to a few 10’s of employed project and programme managers. 
Three assessment techniques were deployed by Provek - Scored CV, PMA6 and a 1-day assessment centre – and an interview was undertaken by Waitrose.
The standard Provek Scored CV and PMA6 were used while the 1-day assessment centre was designed around selected competences for both programme and project managers.
Thorough and comprehensive stakeholder communication about the assessment process was undertaken by Waitrose management supported as required by Provek.
Each of the four assessment techniques was scored using Provek benchmarked IPMA rating scale of A-project director to D-project associate.  An overall score for the four assessments was derived for each programme and project manager.

The Benefits

Waitrose management had a rigorous, benchmarked and independent assessment of each programme and project manager which was used in developing the organisation’s project management.
Each programme or project manager received an eight page personalised report which highlighted their strengths and potential areas for development.

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