April 2016: Provek to support new Project Academy for Sellafield

Dr Andrew Delo, managing director of Provek Ltd said, “Provek is delighted to have partnered with the University of Cumbria for the past year and to be a supporting contractor with them to the new Project Academy.”

The new ‘Project Academy for Sellafield’ will provide specialist education, training and professional qualifications necessary to deliver the complex and challenging projects associated with decommissioning Europe’s most complex nuclear site.

The academy is the brainchild of Sellafield Ltd and will be delivered by the University of Cumbria, which has won the multi-million pound contract to develop and provide a range of higher education programmes, from diplomas and degrees to masters and doctorates, which could make Cumbria the centre of project excellence for the UK.

The supporting contractors led by the University of Cumbria, include Provek Ltd, University of Manchester, Lakes College, Furness College, Centre for Leadership and Performance, and 2020 Ltd.  The design of the ‘offer’ combines the best of local provision, word class higher education and leaders in the project management training industry.

Through the academy students will be able to access a full suite of academic and training products and services ranging from APMP to full bachelors or masters degrees.  Provek Ltd will be supporting the Project Academy with training leading to a range of APM qualifications.

Steve Livingstone, newly appointed projects director for Sellafield Ltd said; “The Sellafield site is a hive of construction activity, over the next few decades we need to build new facilities to bring the old ones down and this requires a range of specialist skills.”

“Sellafield Ltd has always provided pathways to education and training, but this academy is going to transform the way people train in many of the professions related to projects, from design, operations, and construction to health and safety, project management and leadership, while also allowing them to do this on their doorstep.”


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